Shop our beautiful range of bedheads, made from 100% linen. Our bedhead range focuses on classic and comfortable designs that will never date in soothing seascape colours, perfect for creating a calming oasis to rest.

Bedheads, also known as headboards, are essentially decorative panels which are placed behind their ensembles to provide style and comfort. We view bedheads or bedframes (for customers who do not already have the ensemble base) as the central focus or anchor for a bedroom, helping to make your bedroom extra cosy. They are surprisingly easy to install. Just place the bedhead behind your ensemble and the weight of the ensemble will hold it in place. Adding a bedhead instantly transforms the feel of a room, so its a worthwhile investment.

When deciding what bedhead is right for you, there are many factors to consider such as the size, colour and shape. Read more about choosing the right bedhead in our blog