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The Luxuriate Collection - Candle Holders

Built around the principles of fine craftsmanship and sustainable, innovative design, The Luxuriate creates one of a kind, luxury perfumed candles housed in natural stone holders.  This is a candle for a lifetime!

DESIGN:  All the Luxuriate objects are individually handmade and naturally finished to respect the inherent qualities found in its raw state. Illuminating spaces, the luxuriate onyx is available in a selection of vivid colours including white, pink, beige & green.

CONCEPT: Define a space to include one of our timeless objects. Select the colour of the stone candle holder. Match it with the perfumed candle of your choice. Burn & replace perfumed candle insert once finished.

USE: All Refillable collection candles are designed to be refilled and reused ensuring its initial purpose is always enjoyed. Glass candle inserts are sold separately and can be simply recycled once burned. 

IMPORTANT:  Glass candle inserts are sold separately and do not come with the Candle Holder.  Scented refillable candle inserts are $50 each.

Candle Holders:

Size: 11.4cm H x 9.9cm D (approximate)

Carrara Marble, Black Marble, Pink Onyx, White Onyx, Natural Onyx, Green Onyx

Please note: Onyx and Marble are natural materials which have their own individual identity. Therefore no two objects will be alike and holders will cary in colour, pattern and overall look.

Type: Candle

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