How our Dining Tables are made

How our Dining Tables are made

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Our dining tables are the ultimate combination of strength and beauty, created with care and quality in mind. We've pulled out all the stops to make sure they pass the toughest tests, so you can cherish them for years to come.

hamptons dining tables

Why settle for anything less than the real deal? At Style My Home, we get excited about crafting dining tables from real timber! Unlike veneer, our tables withstand the test of time by expanding and contracting naturally with humidity changes. And the secret ingredient? The thickness of the timber! When it comes to the tabletop, it's crucial to get the thickness right. We have worked hard with our factory to conduct tests to determine how different thicknesses affect the durability of the wood and its resistance to cracking and warping. Now with this in mind, our stunning dining tables are crafted to perfection, so every inch of your table is sturdy, reliable, and always ready for a feast.

how our dining tables are made

round dining table

We use American Oak sourced from America.

Preparing Timber for Factory Use

Before arriving at the factory, the timber is cut and graded at a sawmill, then it undergoes a thorough drying process to reduce moisture content. Upon arrival, it is in plank form and is then machine-cut to the intended size.

american oak

american oak

Creating a Durable Table Top

Our legs, surrounds and beams are made from solid American Oak.  For our table top, to ensure structural stability and support, a single layer of timber joinery is glued onto a large sheet of plywood. Plywood is used instead of timber as the likelihood of timber cracking or warping is higher. After assembly, the table top is placed in a compactor machine for 24 hours to apply pressure while the glue dries, ensuring its durability. The thickness of the parquetry timber on the table has been calculated to ensure maximum durability.



This process involves applying three coats of seal by a skilled artisan.

applying the varnish

Crafting Sturdy Pedestal Legs

For the construction of pedestal legs, thick pieces of timber are shaped by a machine and then bonded together with glue. The sanding and finishing touches are added by skilled artisan ensuring quality and attention to detail to each piece.

sturdy dining legs

At Style My Home, we believe that the dining table is the heart of the home - it's where we gather with family and friends to share meals, stories, and memories. That's why we're passionate about crafting tables that are not just beautiful, but also functional and durable. So whether you're hosting a holiday feast or just enjoying a weeknight dinner, our dining tables are sure to be the perfect centerpiece for your home.

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Hamptons rectangular dining table

Kensington Rectangular Dining Table

hamptons rectangular dining table

Kensington Rectangular Parquetry Dining Table

hamptons round dining table

Chloe Round Dining Table

hamptons round dining table

Hannah Round Dining Table / Natural Oak Base

hamptons round dining table

Hannah Round Dining Table / Satin White Base

dining table

Alice Oval Dining Table

hamptons rectangular dining table herringbone

Herringbone Rectangular Dining Table

hamptons round dining table

Amelia Round Dining Table

Hamptons marble table

Alba Round Marble Table / Satin White Base

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