Add the finishing touches to your home

Add the finishing touches to your home

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When people refer to adding the finishing touches to a home, they are referring to all of those little details that elevate a space to its full potential! Some carefully curated artwork, decor, rugs or mirrors can really do wonders in enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of any space.  Each of these finishing touches will help to create a welcoming atmosphere that reflects your personal style. 

Create a lasting impression with our finishing touches! Here is our guide to our key categories which will help turn any house into a home. 


The benefits of art in decorating have long been known... After all, adding an artwork is one of the easiest and proven ways to transform a room and add personality to a space. But did you know that adding a piece of coastal inspired artwork has health benefits too. Our research shows that our health, mood and overall wellbeing can benefit from a carefully chosen artwork.

Elevate your interiors with visually stunning pieces that add depth and character to any room. Browse our beautiful range of handpainted canvases here. 


Rugs are essential for creating a warm, comfortable and stylish living space. Adding a rug to a space will add texture and depth, whilst making the room cozy and inviting. From a practical perspective they also help to protect floors and provide added cushioning. Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere with our selection of durable rugs.

Browse our range of Hamptons inspired rugs here.


Table lamps not only illuminate your space but they also enhance productivity and elevate your mood. We range a wide range of lamps including colourful ceramics, white ceramics, chrome, marble and even polyresin lamps. Browse our range of table lamps here.


Transform your spaces into a welcoming oasis with our essential decor items!  We range a wide range of decor including the following;


Trays are so useful in so many different places in your home and they come in rectangular and circular shapes. There are so many choices when it comes to trays and we love them all whether they are mirrored, bone or mother of pearl. Our handmade bone and mother of pearl trays add a pop of colour to your interiors whilst our new range of silver and glass trays are a customer and staff favourite with their reflective surfaces. Shop our range of trays here.

Trinket boxes

We love to use these when styling our bookcases and consoles. They look so cute whether they are on their own or  nested together. Browse our range of trinket boxes here

Scuptures and vessels

We range a variety of Hamptons inspired sculptures and vessels. They add a statement and interest to any space. Browse our range of sculptures and vessels here.  

A Ginger Jar 

Ginger jars are timeless and the perfect decorating accessory for any stylish vignette. With their classic design and coastal charm, they effortlessly add a touch of elegance to your home. Browse our range of handmade jars here. 

Cushions and throws

Elevate your decor with our cushion collection and enjoy the added benefits of coziness and texture. A bed or a lounge without a cushion looks very bare, so our range of plain, stripe and floral cushions will do wonders. 

Browse our range of cushions here.


Our threads bed linen is made for the hamptons home, and is oh so comfortable to sleep in. Plus our customers love out cotton throws which are perfect in our Australian summers. Browse our range of linen and throws here. 

PVC planter boxes

Nothing finishes off an entry or outdoor space like a planter box.  Our PVC planter boxes scream Hamptons and are guaranteed to brighten up a space.  Browse our pvc planter boxes here.


Mirrors are not just a practical purchase but they help bounce the light around your interior. Browse our range of mirrors here.

Adding some carefully curated finishing touches can really elevate a space to its full potential.  Have some fun and make sure you inject your personality when choosing these pieces. If you need help, please visit your local Style My Home showroom. 

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