Our Mother of Pearl Range

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Our mother of pearl range just keep growing in popularity, with our customers being drawn to beautiful iridescent patterns and pop of colour these accessories bring to their home.  Our mother of pearl homewares range now including trays, coasters, trinket boxes, photo frames, tissue boxes, mirrors, a lamp and even furniture.  We adore the lustre of the shell and the pop of the resin colour around it. Similar to bone inlay furniture but at a more affordable price point.

Our team have fun designing the range, patterns and colours in house. We view each handcrafted piece as a work of art that will instantly add texture and interest to any space.


We have a rectangular and round mother of pearl smaller mirrors available in 2 colours, a neutral and grey.   These are a smaller size suitable for a powder room or smaller space. 


Our mother of pearl oval lamp is a customer favourite and great for narrow places as the depth is smaller than the width.


We have a limited furniture range with plans to extend soon. This includes a coffee table, side table and open bedside/ side table. 

Incorporate some mother of pearl natural beauty into your home. Browse our mother of pearl range here.

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