Our New Timber Table Lamps!

Our New Timber Table Lamps!

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We are very excited to announce that our new and much anticipated range of handcrafted timber table lamps have arrived....  

Whilst our table lamp ranges in the past have focused on ceramic, glass and nickel designs in the past, we love the rustic appeal of these new urn shaped timber lamps have given to our range! 

Our Aspen table lamp in a painted white finish. 

These timber lamps would be perfect addition to a Hamptons themed home, but also more traditional or modern homes. The designs, 'Aspen' and 'Sedona' instantly embrace the captivating beauty of nature.  Sometimes less is more and it's the simplicity which we love, the design allows the stunning architectural form be the hero. Both handmade designs have the classic and eye catching hand turned timber urn shapes and bases.  The difference between the designs, the 'Aspen' design features a striking square base whilst the 'Sedona' features a softer round base. Both of the lamps are finished with a crisp white shade.

Our 'Sedona' lamp in a natural timber finish.

So why do we think these timber lamps would suits a Hamptons home? As the Hamptons aesthetic is all about natural organic materials, synonymous with nature, these designs will add a touch of timeless natural style.  Both choices showcase true craftsmanship and organic design and may be the perfect rustic accent to elevate an interior space.

Our staff members are finding it hard to choose our favourite shaped design.  Equally in regards to colour, we love both the crisp white painted finish  but also the natural timber finish with the grain of the wood of each lamp bringing a handmade and unique quality.  Which is your favourite?

Inject some rustic Hamptons style into your interiors today!

Its not just our timber lamps that are new.  The new range is made from a variety of materials including brushed stainless steel, glass and marble! 

Explore our Organic and Stylish new  Lighting collection here.


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