How to style a Hamptons bookcase

How to style a Hamptons bookcase

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Hamptons style is all about creating a fresh and coastal vibe at one with nature.  We have many people ask us how to best style their bookcases in the Hamptons aesthetic.

We has asked our Stylist Sammi for her top tips to successfully style a bookcase. 

1) Declutter

To achieve the best results it is best you keep it clean and simple.  Remove all unnecessary items.

2) Add natural textures

Hamptons style is all about natural textures. Add rattan baskets or trays, brass, marble, coral and maybe some greenery to really elevate your styling. One of our favourite pieces is our barnacle pots which add instant coastal ambience.

3) Use a neutral and or blue colour palette 

Hamptons is all about neutrals or blues and white.  These colours are synomonous with the beach and instantly will instill a calm and serene feel. 

4)Use symmetry

Symmetry is key with Hamptons style.   try to balance items on each side for a more cohesive look.

5) Use decorative sculptures, bookends and jars

Adding decorative sculptures, vases, ginger jars, bookends, trinkets boxes and photo frames will add instant personality to your bookcase.  Try and stick to a simple colour theme and not make it too distracting. 

6) Decorative canvases look great on a bookcase

Smaller pieces of art look fantastic on a bookcase. We recommend coastal, nautical or floral themes to really being the Hamptons aesthetic to life!

6.Use your books

Layer your books! Books look great stacked vertically of horizontally in bookends. We love topping them with a smaller decorative object like a coral or sculpture.  Don't be afraid to mix up the sizes of your books.

7. Personalise

Your bookcase should all be about you and reflect your personality. Include momentos, keepsakes and photo frames.

We hope that these tips help you make a beautiful and cohesive bookcase display that reflects your personality. Remember decorating is not everyones strength, so feel free to pop into your local SMH showroom for advice and guidance at any time. 

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