How sculptures can elevate your styling!

How sculptures can elevate your styling!

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Adding a carefully curated sculpture into your homes really can elevate your styling to a new level! At Style My Home we love incorporating sculptures into our decorating to really take the space to the next level! 

Here are a few ways that why we love them. 

1) They add visual interest and sophistication 

A well placed sculpture can create a focal point and draw the eye, adding depth and dimension to a room. When we think of sculptures we think of fine art, so they certainly add a sense of refinement to a room

2) They create texture to a space 

Hamptons home often feature natural textures like wood, rattan, marble or silver/brass. They create a rich and interesting environment.

3) They highlight your decorating style

 Sculptures are a easy way to highlight your decorating style. 

When choosing the sculpture right for you, make sure you consider the scale, colour and material of the pieces.  They should complement the rest of your choices and add to the overall aesthetic of the room. 

Browse our range of sculptures here or visit one of our showrooms. We hope to see you soon!

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