5 reasons using our Interior Styling Service will be the best decision you'll make

5 reasons using our Interior Styling Service will be the best decision you'll make

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Despite the affordable consultation fee many customers question whether they need to use this service.  Those who have, will often say it was the best decision they made. Our Designers ensure that the journey of creating the space of your dreams is fun and stress free. Even for customers who are clear on what they want to purchase, its not a bad idea to consider this process to ensure you get the extra wow and everything is to scale and cohesive. Here are some reasons why you should consider this wonderful service. 

Styling Service

Kensington Dining TableModern Chippendale Dining Chairs  |  Chrome Addison Silver Rug


1)    Professional advice and knowledge


Our Interior Designers play a huge part in curating the collections they style and design with. This knowledge is in addition to the Design Accreditation, experience, and passion they have mastered over the years.


If anyone can choose the right products, it’s our passionate Designers as they are a part of the product design process and understand the catalogue, back to front.


The most common mistake we witness is where the design elements are not cohesive, or when customer choose furniture or rugs in the incorrect proportions. These mistakes can be costly and stressful. Our Interior Designers see the ‘big picture’. They know where the best layout and design for each space.


When you hire our Interior Designers, you get an immediate plan of action for your space. We offer a personalised in-house furniture selection and styling service. easy stress-free experience with expert advice helping you create your dream Hamptons home from selecting furniture to rugs and everything in between. 

Hamptons Living

Bobbin Linen Armchairs  |  Capri Linen Slipcover Sofa  |  Milla Square Coffee Table


2)    A service that is completely focused on you and your needs.

Our number one aim is for our clients to love their space. It’s the reason our Designers do what they do. Your space should not only look amazing, but it should also reflect your personality and style, and it should function in a way that works with how you want to live your life. We spend so much time at home now, so why not create your very own oasis.

Hamptons bedroom

Elliot Large Bedside  |  Levi Chesterfield Bedhead Raffles Linen Bench

3)    Your house will have the ‘Wow’ Factor

Your house not only needs to function in a way that suits the way you and your family live, but it also needs to have that ‘wow’ factor.

Our Interior Designers can deliver this. Our styling service is adaptable and customised to your individual styles, needs and budgets. The first step of the process once you speak to your interior designer is to understand what your dream home is. The consultation gives you a chance to express your needs in detail so we can understand the key outcomes you would like to achieve. 

Hamptons classic living room

Madeline Linen 3 Seater Sofa  |  Henrietta Stripe Armchairs  |  Milla Coffee Table


4)    It's affordable to book and redeemable on purchases

Our consultation fees are extremely competitive. Essentially you can secure a full house Interior Decorating concept, for less than $500 and its redeemable! Hiring our Design team can help you avoid costly mistakes, reduce unnecessary spending, and help you make design decisions that will increase the value of your home.

Styling review
Hamptons dining room

Carter Crossback Dining Chairs Leopold Upholstered Dining Chairs  |  Reef View Artwork

5) A third-party decision maker


Creating your dream home can be stressful. You may over think every detail and become emotionally invested in every decision. Our Interior Designers can provide patience, knowledge, and practical decision-making skills, minimising challenging situations you may come across in the process. Our Interior Designers have the delicate job of delivering a home that suits the needs and taste of all the individuals who live there.  

Hamptons entrance with artwork

QLD Stylist Sammi


Style My Home Interior Designer & Stylist

Sammi is our vibrant Interior Designer, who has a passion for creating inspiring spaces that are aesthetically rich, while remaining purposeful.

Sammi has an advanced Diploma in Interior Design and has over 7 years experience working in the high end furniture industry alongside roles in visual merchandising. 

Email Sammi - stylingqld@stylemyhome.com.au




Available to Gold Coast, Brisbane and Noosa Customers


#1 Consultation

Firstly, our Designer is here to listen! Our stylist will give you a call to introduce herself and get an understanding of your wants and needs and to discuss our process with you. Our stylists will usually ask for some photos and/or floor plans of your space(s).  When our stylist have the information they need they will then organise a time with you to visit your home to take any measurements or photos and get a feel for your space. Your stylist will then start selecting the right pieces for you and creating your very own Hamptons look.

#2 Proposal
After your home visit consultation, your stylist will be working on selecting all the key pieces to transform your space(s) depending on the size of your project this can take up to 7 days

Your stylist will then contact you via email that will include your concept, mood boards and quote for the products your stylist envisions for your home.
Example mood boards:

#3 Getting your project started!
Once you have your styling proposal, your stylist will be in touch to get your project started. This will be based on furniture availability as well as the timeframes you have in mind. This is where our stylists really get to work!

You stylist will do as much as we can in the background so that you won't feel overwhelmed by your project. Our stylists are experienced so you will be able to relax and have confidence that all the important details are being attended to.

#4 Install and Execution 
This is the fun part! Once your home is ready to be styled, you will have the option for your stylist to be on-site to transform your home after you have received your furniture delivery. Your stylist will discuss the install fee with you prior.

Once our furniture is in place, cushions are flushed and photo frames are straightened, we take a couple of photographs of your newly styled home because we are proud of the work we do and want to share our beautiful projects! We can send these photos to you if you would like some photos of your new home to share with your family and friends.

Just be prepared – you may not recognise your home once it’s complete!
Please make sure that all of your purchases will fit through doorways, hallways, stairs and lifts. This is not the responsibility of the stylist.
There is a 15% restocking fee for change of mind on any purchases. Our designer are not liable for this.



Hamptons console styling




What is E-Styling?

 E-Styling is a virtual Interior Decorating service that allows Sammi, our Designer, to work with our clients anywhere in AustraliaTake the stress out by engaging this service, you will have a clear plan that gives you the confidence to buy new pieces (from the Style My Homes catalogue) that are right for your space/home. Sammi will guide you through the design process by putting together beautiful mood boards, quotes and organise the install.

Moodboard for styling service


#1 Zoom consultation  - 60mins

Lets talk about your brief with a tour of your home

What to expect;
Reviewing and consulting problem areas
Design guidance and ways to improve your space
Expert advice on how to improve your overall space
Suggestions to improve existing furniture layout and flow

Discussing the desired design vision and style of the room
Discussing the necessary functions of the room and who uses the room
Discussing our services and taking the next steps


 #2 Zoom Presentation- 30 mins

An overall Concept Design is presented using mood boards to establish mood to communicate key design elements for each space.


#3 Quote
Within 5 days a quote is sent with availability and pricing for your new styled space!


 #4 Delivery & Installation

Sammi will organise your order and the sales team will be in touch to schedule you in for delivery. Sammi will be available to visit on the day of delivery to install your new Hamptons home and make sure everything runs smoothly. (Location dependant).



1 Room - $99
2 Rooms - $150
3 Rooms - $250
4 Rooms - $350
5 Rooms - $450






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