How to illuminate your home with Hamptons lamps

How to illuminate your home with Hamptons lamps

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When we think of Hamptons homes, we automatically think of light and bright spaces.  Allowing an adequate budget for lighting in your home whether it be pendant, wall, floor or table lighting is important to achieve the desired result of a open and light space.  Lighting does not just provide optimum light in a home, but it will enhance your Hamptons decorating as well as there are some incredible lighting options to choose from.

Today we wanted to concentrate on table lamps. Table lamps are often used on console tables or buffets, side tables and bedside tables.  Table lamps are very important to a bedroom as they don't look incredible but they provide some symmetry to a bedroom.  A table lamp on a side table in a living room or reading area will help make it an inviting nook to read. Where possible you should add one or a pair of lamps to a console table to make your entryway extra inviting.  Not to mention a desk lamp in a study.

When choosing Hamptons lamps, look for classic silhouettes and crisp, clean white shades. Seascape colours such as blue, white or duck egg blue are perfect.  

There is no right or wrong choice when deciding on your table lamps. In fact, mixing some traditional with more modern lighting styles and materials works well.  These are the most commonplace choices in a Hamptons home.

  • Blue and White patterns- either florals or geometric. Soft florals and ginger jar patterns are commonplace in classic Hamptons homes. Geometric patterns in navy/ white also work well in a more modern hamptons home.. 
  • Navy, Duck egg blue or white colours- these come in various shapes, some being more traditional and some very modern.
  • Glass laps- glass lamps are very popular in a Hamptons home, especially when teamed with nickel and crisp white shades.
  • Nautical inspired lamps- consider lamps with jute, seashells or our barnacle lamps to bring a coastal element to your styling.

With so much choice in the marketplace the first consideration should be what Hamptons style is best for the area you are decorating. Will a classic Hamptons, modern Hamptons or coastal Hamptons look work best with the other elements and furniture pieces.  Most of the houses we help to style would choose a few different styles so there is no right of wrong answer here. 

View Hamptons lamps here.

Classic Hamptons choices

Classic Hamptons homes use a combination of lamps leaning towards simple glass or floral patterns. Here are our top classic Hamptons choices.  Plain colours or glass lamps tend to be in more traditional shapes.

Dynasty Lamp

Dynasty Lamp

Crystal Lamp

Modern Hamptons

These genre typically would favour designs that are more streamlined with simple.

Contour lamp

Contour lamp

Alana Lamp

Coastal Hamptons 

If you love a coastal Hamptons home, try to use natural textures that remind your of nautical inspired designs.

Barnacle Lamp

Castaway Lamp

'Marina' Lamp

Jervis LampJervis Lamp

We hope this has helped you add some light and ambience to your home. If you have any questions about table lamps please feel free to call us or visit one of our showrooms soon.

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