Which Type of Hamptons Style are you?

Which Type of Hamptons Style are you?

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So you have decided to decorate your home in the Hamptons style, but which Hamptons style suits you best? Did you know there are 4 different sub styles within the 'Hamptons style'? Below we unpack the elements that make up the different styles and which key pieces we know you will adore.

Classic Hamptons

The Classic Hamptons style manages to evoke a sense of durable beauty and luxury with comfort and simplicity in mind. The Classic Hamptons Style is bright fresh whites, with hints of rich blues, bold patterns, and warm timbers. Classic Hamptons style is known to be sophisticated coastal living. Natural fabric like linen and quality materials are an important element in creating the luxury Hamptons feel that we adore. Visually striking accents of brushed silver decor and floral prints elevate each space. Grand bookcases filled with blue and white ceramics, books and collected treasures create a sense of refinement.

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Modern Hamptons

Modern Hamptons is a popular look because it incorporates the traditional Hamptons-style elements with a contemporary and refreshed colour palette. The key to styling a Modern Hamptons home is celebrating the traditional approach (think pendant lighting, linen furnishings) but using a contemporary and creative interpretation. Cleaner lines, textured fabrics, abstract art, stone, black accents, and marble are pieces seen throughout this Modern design.

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Hamptons Farmhouse

Hamptons Farmhouse, one of the most popular design styles, mixes the cosy, welcoming feel of farmhouse with the clean, uncluttered look of modern. Hamptons farmhouse interiors are bright, light, and airy. They feature earthy, nature-inspired tones and textures. Black is used as a very strong accent colour paired with fresh whites, natural tones, and muted blues. Our range of whitewash and rustic finishes will create a refined, homey, elegance. When it comes to farmhouse interiors, less is more. Don’t overwhelm the space — simplicity is key. 

Hamptons style

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Coastal Hamptons 

This style is inspired by seaside living. Natural textures, soft coastal colours, relaxed styling, airy rooms, and recycled timbers are some features you will find in the Coastal Hamptons aesthetic. Coastal Hamptons has a comfortable, calming feeling which allows you to create your very own oasis at home. This popular style brings an effortless yet sophisticated vibe to any space. A well-balanced coastal space requires a simple colour palette, natural textures like shell, rope and rattan, and the raw, un-finished charm of reclaimed timber, paired with fresh white and whitewash finishes.

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