How to choose a Hamptons bedhead

How to choose a Hamptons bedhead

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We are true believers that everyone should make the effort to make their bedroom extra cosy. After all, we spend a lot of time in our bedroom, so why not strive to create a calming sanctuary where we can relax after a long day. 
Hamptons bedhead

We view a beautiful bedhead or bed frame as essential pieces for all bedrooms, whether it is decorated in the coveted Hamptons style or another style.  In fact, most interior designers would say that a bedroom without a bedhead can look a little empty and unloved. Adding a bedhead will instantly transform the feel of a room and instill a feeling of luxury.  It also adds personality and texture and creates a focal point or anchor for the room.  

We have had countless customers tell us how much a bedhead has transformed their spaces. Some customers with holiday rentals have even commented that the addition of a bedhead alone has had a significant impact on boosting their occupancy rates which is a testament to the power of a bedhead. 

When customers are furnishing a bedroom, we always recommend they start with choosing their preferred bedhead or bed frame before making other bedroom furniture choices, as a bedhead is the dominant piece.

Bedheads, also known as headboards, are essentially decorative panels which are placed behind the ensemble to provide style and comfort. If you don't have an ensemble, some customers may choose to buy a bed frame which gives the same impact as a bedhead. 

Bedheads are surprisingly easy to install.  They simply slot behind your ensemble, the weight of the bed ensemble will hold the bedhead upright. If your ensemble has wheels you may want to consider buying cups that stop the bed rolling. 

There are a wide range of bedhead options available in the marketplace. Being a Hamptons store, our range focuses on classic and comfortable designs that will never date, in soothing seascape colours. Because our designs are timeless and simple, they are the perfect choice not just in Hamptons homes but other themes as well such as modern, French provincial or even industrial.

When selecting the perfect bedhead or bed frame for your space, you will need to consider four keys factors; material, style, colour and size.

1. Material

There are several materials to choose from when choosing a bedhead. Most are upholstered but there are also timber and rattan options available. It is no secret that we prefer the look of a luxurious 100% linen bedhead than a hard surface.  A linen bedhead screams Hamptons luxury and its a much softer area to It also creates a comfortable spot to lean up against for a lazy Sunday coffee. Linen is a beautiful natural fibre. We recommend that our customers treat their bedhead with Scotchguard or a similar product after installing.



2. Style

Most often the most difficult decision to make is the style of bedhead you choose. Bedheads now come in a wide range of shapes and styles. Our range focuses on simple, classic designs that will never date.

Before choosing your style, consider which of the following you prefer;

  • Classic style: Think of tufted with side stud details

    Our 'Levi' bedhead is a more classic style with a tufted front and bras studs down the side. Although its our most  traditional choice, its classic design makes it suitable also in a more contemporary home also. This is our best selling bedhead.



  • Modern Hampton style: A plain fronted bedhead

    Our grace and Luna bedheads are crisp and striking with the beautiful plain fronted linen and contrasting white piping. It's hard to choose between 'Grace' the rectangular version or 'Luna' which gives a more playful edge with its curved corners.

View Grace Bedhead Here.

View Luna Bedhead Here

  • Coastal Style: choose a simple and casual option like the Capri slipcover

    Sometimes, less is more, especially when it comes to a slip cover range which lets linen take the hero role. Plus it's just so versatile with its removable covers, meaning it can be dry cleaned or replaced.


3. Colour

A bed head is a dominant feature, so your colour choice will set the colour tone up for the bedroom. There is no right or wrong here. Some prefer a neutral backdrop where you can add colour with contrasting bedlinen and soft furnishings, others prefer a more dramatic pop of colour or even a stripe.

Our signature linens are; oatmeal, duck egg blue, royal blue and a navy ticking stripe that works perfectly with the Hamptons aesthetic. Each colour is a neutral hue to the outdoors which bring the calm restful tone to our bedrooms that we are aiming for. These soothing seascape colours have even been proven to help our mental wellbeing over a bright colour choice. These are classic colour choices that will not date.

Remember if you are having trouble choosing between our linens, you can order a free sample here.

4. Size

Make sure you measure accurately when deciding the size of your bed. The last thing you want to do is overcrowd a small room with a big bed head or vice versa.

It's not just the width you need to consider but the height is very important also. With bed ensemble heights increasing overtime, it's important that you choose a bed head that will be high enough to have an impact. Many of the bed heads in the marketplace are 120 centimetres high, which in our opinion is not high enough to get the desired impact (unless it’s a size smaller than queen). We have tested many bedhead heights over the years and we know the ideal size is between 140cm and 150cm.

The finishing touches

If your room has depth, consider finishing off the space with a bed bench or blanket box. This is the perfect place to sit and put on your shoes, or store your excess linen or shoes. 

A bedhead is the perfect way to transform your bedroom into the oasis of your dreams. If you are looking to transform your bedroom, a bedhead is the first logical step to take. We hope to see see you in our showrooms soon.

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