Create a sanctuary in your Hamptons bedroom

Create a sanctuary in your Hamptons bedroom

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Style my home offers an amazing selection of luxury furniture, linen and accessories which will be the perfect finishing touch to any Hamptons bedroom. If there is one area of the house which you should make extra cosy, it should certainly be the bedroom! A bedroom is our personal space in a home where we have the opportunity to relax and refresh after a long day. In todays fast paced world, it's important to have a calm and soothing sanctuary to retreat to where we can enjoy some quiet time before getting a great nights sleep. You may already be interested in the Hamptons aesthetic which a promising sign for your future bedroom.

Anyone can create an oasis of calm no matter what size room you have or how large your budget is. Here are our top tips to create the ultimate cosy Hampons retreat that you deserve! 

1.Make yourself comfortable and invest in a quality mattress, pillows and bed linen..

Did you know that the average person will spend 26 years in their lifetime sleeping!  Taking steps towards ensuring we achieve quality sleep can have massive benefits to our health and wellbeing.  The best way to do this is to maximise comfort and buying a quality mattress and pillows.   Investing in quality linen made from natural fibres is equally as important.  Buying bed linen can often be confusing with so many choices but we always recommend linen,  cotton or a linen cotton blend as these natural fibres are breathable and keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Our brand new range of 'Threads' sheets and doona covers are a 50/50 blend of linen and cotton,  combining the best if both worlds to feel ultra luxurious like you are staying in a five star resort!

2) Consider the scale of your bedroom before buying key pieces

Before you buy key furniture pieces make sure that you accurately measure your space as the last thing you want to buy the wrong sized furniture. If you buy furniture is too large you will clutter your room or too small your furniture will look completely out of scale in a larger space.

For a cosy space,  don't dismay there are plenty of options now which look amazing and are also highly functional. but we recommend you go with simpler designs. An overly detailed or ornate bedside or bedhead can easily overwhelm a small space. 

We find that the average bedroom will accomodate a 60cm bedside nicely. We have a large range of bedsides in this size as it fits most of our customers briefs.

If you are lucky enough to have a large space, you can choose more generous bedsides and a bed bench which is the perfect place to put your shoes on and visually finishes the end of the bed nice and neatly. You may even be lucky enough to consider creating a little nook by adding occasional chairs. The perfect place to curl up and read a book!

3. Investing in a bedhead or bedframe is a must!

A beautiful upholstered linen bedhead or bed frame are essential pieces for all Hamptons bedrooms. It instantly creates a focal point for the room and instills a feeling of luxury. It also creates a comfortable spot to lean up against for a lazy Sunday coffee. A bedhead will also set the colour tone for the bedroom. We have 3 signature linens, oatmeal, duck egg and royal blue that work perfectly with the Hamptons aesthetic. Each colour is a natural hue to the outdoors and helps to bring in the calm restful tone we are aiming for. 

4) Its all in the finishing touches. Choose your accessories wisely

So you have done the groundwork and you now have the comfort, scale and a visual anchor for your space. Now its time to have some fun and  to layer and add some personality to your space.

Make sure that you accessorise with pieces that will further enhance the feeling of relaxation.  A good rule is to ask yourself where you feel happiest. Most people will answer this by saying on holiday or in their garden etc. So bring the hues from this area into your space.  For example if your happy place if a beachside holiday, take your cues from seascape colours and maybe use some natural materials such a rattan. The final pieces to choose from will be artwork, lamps, cushions, throws plus some decor. You may even consider a rug. 

When choosing these consider the colour tones you are using and the Hamptons style you love. For example do you love the softs florals seen in a classical hampton's scene or prefer a stripe and more simple design. 

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