Hamptons Essentials you need this Spring /Summer

Hamptons Essentials you need this Spring /Summer

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Spring is here! Most of us love it when Spring finally arrives as we embrace the thought of the warmer entertaining season ahead..  For many of us it is also a time to rejuvenate our homes and do a Spring Clean. Here are the Spring essentials you need for your home.

Here are some some of our top tips to embrace the Spring season in your home.  

1. Embrace the outdoors

We are so lucky here in Australia to have such fabulous weather. Make sure you embrace your outdoor spaces whether they are large or small with functional furniture. We have some amazing new weatherproof furniture including our poly timber Adirondack range that are guaranteed to provide stylish comfort with the added benefit of being durable. Our PVC planters will also brighten up your entrance or outdoor spaces.

Poly timber chairs

Our Poly timber Adirondack range is built for the outdoors...

And if you are looking for outdoor lounge and dining chairs our gorgeous Oasis range is its way! This range comes with a choice of oatmeal, navy or duck egg covers and are so comfortable. 

Shop our range of outdoor here and enjoy 10% off!

Relax in Style with our beautiful Oasis range...

Outdoor dining with our Oasis dining chairs....

2. Refresh your linen and cushions

One of the simplest ways to refresh a space is to replace your soft furnishings.  Rejuvenate your living spaces with some new cushions or throws. A classic stripe cushion always looks amazing and will never date. Or if you prefer more classic styling, a beautiful floral is always a winner. 

The same goes for your bedlinen! Given the amount of time we spend in bed and how important a good nights sleep is, we recommend our customers sleep in the luxury of natural fibres. We recently launched our Threads bed linen range which is the perfect blend of cotton and linen.  Shop our new range of Threads linen here and enjoy 10% off!

Read about our linen here how-to-make-your-bedroom-a-sanctuary

3. Add some life to your walls!   

Adding a carefully chosen piece of art is one of the easiest ways to transform a room.  But did you know that artwork can have significant mood and health benefits too.

Our top tip for customers when choosing an artwork is to identify their happy place. Is it a beach holiday, mountain holiday or being in the garden.? Choosing an artwork around this criteria will instantly lift ones mood as its associated with happier memories. 

Read about the benefits of art in our blog  The healing power of art

Adding a mirror can also instantly make a room bigger and brighter. We recommend that customers position your mirror opposite a window to reflect the natural light. Shop our brand new range of affordable handpainted canvases here.

Customers love our quatrefoil and cathedral mirrors.

4. Invest in some coastal decor

Similar to your walls, your surfaces and bookcases can benefit with some coastal decor.  Enjoy 10% off when you shop our latest range of coastal decor.

This barnacle pot has so much character and instantly reminds us of beautiful days at the beach.

spring essentials

5. Invest in functional storage

Spring is the season where most of us Spring Clean our homes. We recommend that our customers invest in some functional storage to help keep on top of the mess.  Our customers with children are loving our new range of trunks and baskets to help store their childrens toys and shoes.

Trays are another vessel to help group and organise everyday objects.  We sell a wide range of trays.  Customers are loving our mother of pearl trays to inject a fresh spring pop of colour.  We cant wait for our new range to land in October featuring new designs and a beautiful new neutral colour option. Preorder our new range of trays here and enjoy 10% off!

6. Add some floral or greenery to your interiors and exteriors

Spring is synonymous with fresh florals and greenery. Refresh your home with some fresh florals to instantly lift the mood of your interiors.  Faux flowers and greenery also work effectively to add personality to your interiors. 

Add some floral or greenery to your interiors

We love using our colonial baskets to brighten up corners within our interiors. And adding a planter box to your entry or outdoor entertaining space can also do wonders for your home. 

Our PVC planter boxes instantly add street appeal and are built to withstand the outdoors.

We hope that these tips help you to fully enjoy for the warmer months of entertaining and outdoor living ahead! Please call our friendly staff or visit one of our showrooms if you want any help...

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