Our new range of linen is here!

Our new range of linen is here!

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We recently received our first shipment of own range of linen sheets, quilt covers, throws and cushions and we are in love. The quality is divine and oh yes we have road tested them, they are oh so good to sleep in...

Our new Thread duvet and sheets sets and a 50/50 blend of linen and cotton, our favourite natural linens.

Linen sheets are known for being a breathable fibre and great for hot sleepers.  The makeup of a linen sheet is what we love as it gives a relaxed and high end look, which can be quite calming in the bedroom. Linen bed sheets feel a little less soft when you first purchase them but soften with time and each wash.

Cotton sheets on the other hand are are known for their cool feel and smooth softness from the moment you open the packet.  In terms of care, cotton sheets can be a little easier than linen sheets.  Cotton sheets are slightly less breathable than linen sheets. 

Whats in our 'Threads' range?

We decided to opt for a 50/50 blend of linen and cotton for our beautiful new range. 'Threads' duvet and sheet ranges will give you the best of both worlds. Breathable with the beautiful look of linen, and the softness of cotton. Our ‘Threads’ collection is a high quality range created by our team to go perfectly in any Hamptons home. The sheets come in a beautiful range of colours from oatmeal, navy, white and even a stripe. They are perfect for our Australian climate.

Threads Sheet Sets

The 'Threads' sheet set is crafted from a cotton and linen blend, offering an incredibly soft feel in a range of neutral colours to encapsulate both comfort and aesthetics.  These sheets are affordable and will tie in beautifully with our linen furniture.

Made from a 50% linen, 50% cotton blend. Available in queen or king and comes with a fitted sheets, flat sheets and two pillowcases. Our customers have stated that they feel more like a 100% linen sheet and we agree.


Threads Quilt Cover Sets

The 'Threads' Quilt Cover Set is crafted from a cotton and linen blend, offering an incredibly soft feel in a range of neutral colours, perfect for a relaxed yet sophisticated aesthetic. 


Made from a 50% linen, 50% cotton blend. Available in queen or king and comes with a quilt cover and two pillowcases.



'Threads' 100% Cotton Throw
The 'Threads' cotton waffle blanket is crafted from low-twist, super soft cotton, offering an incredible lightweight feel. Textured in a breathable waffle pattern, this throw is the perfect blanket for the living area or bedroom. These have been so popular already.

Available in oatmeal, grey and blue.



'Threads' 100% Linen Cushions
The 'Threads' 100% linen cushions are available in a range of sizes and neutral and blue tones to suit any Hamptons home. This includes a 40x 60cm lumbar cushion, a 55 x 55cm square cushion. We even have some extra long cushions which we are in love with!  Each comes with a feather insert.

Link to sizes. 

'Threads' 100% Extra Long Linen Cushions

Does your ­­significant other ever complain about having too many cushions on the bed or sofa? We have the solution for you. Our new Extra Long Lumbar Cushions are an eye pleasing styling piece to use on the bed or sofa. Not only are they affordable but they are practical as well. The extra long lumbar cushions create dimension and texture without having to styling excess cushions. They can also double as a body pillow – which is a bonus for any pregnant woman! These cushions can be styled alone or add in a few other cushions with them. It it a casual yet sophisticated look that we are loving.

Here is some extra long cushion styling inspiration from pinterest



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