How to create a great first impression in your home!

How to create a great first impression in your home!

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Customers are often asking for advice on how they can make an impact within the entrance area to their home.  And with good reason, your homes entry is the first area that you and your guests experience, so investing in a few beautiful and functional pieces that reflect your homes aesthetic and to make your guests feel welcome is a great investment.

We have selected some of our top products in store to make your entrance not only beautiful but also highly functional. 

1) Consider a Hamptons PVC planter box  by your front door

A planter box is almost considered a Hamptons home must have to complete the look of a coastal designed home and to create a great first impression before you even open the front door. We have now sourced our boxes with a PVC construct so that it can be enjoyed in the full outdoors. In contrast to the timber boxes, these PVC planters require less care and are largely weather resistant. Your guests will love the clean simple tongue and groove lines contrasted with a pop of greenery outside of your doors. 

For those lucky enough for a large deck you may even consider adding poly timber Adirondack chairs. These chairs not only look amazing but will be the perfect spot to sit and relax.

 Our PVC planters visually give a great first impact

2. Invest in a stylish and functional console table

We recommend you choose a console with drawers as the storage always comes in handy and adds extra functionality.  We have a large range of sizes and finishes to suit just about any sizes entrance.  Our smallest consoles are around 90cm and the largest are around 2m. We also have consoles less deep which are suited to narrow entrances.


Our 'North Harbour' console table in white. This design comes in 2 sizes

3. Bring some texture and warmth to your hallway with a hall runner

Our polypropelene rugs are beautiful, easy to care for, plus the price point is highly attractive (starting at just $149.95!).  Our hall runners come in various sizes, 3m, 4m and 5m lengths to accomodate different sized entrances.  There is a huge range of designs to choose from. They will instantly add some warmth and colour, plus protect your floor.


We have a large range of durable polypropelene rugs to suits any entrance

4. Liven up your walls with a seascape canvas or a mirror

Research has shown that artwork with a palette of blue, white, sand, green and other natural hues are instrumental in instilling a restful tone to a space and persons mood. Adding these beautiful restful colours in your entrance will help set the tone for rest of the house. We have a wide range of canvases to suit any entry.

A mirror is equally popular so we you can quickly check your makeup and hair before leaving the house. Plus a mirror will reflect the light making the entry more light and spacious.

Our white Quatrefoil mirror

5. Choose lamps and accessories to suit your homes aesthetic

We have a large range of decor and lamps to suit a large genre of homes, whether the style is more modern or classic.  Each homes entrance is unique in regards to layout. Some are small, or have windows, plus some entrances don't have electrical points for lamps. Lucky we have a large range of lamps, trays, decor or plant stands to make any entrance shine.

Our 'Colonial' plant stands can add character to a hallway

So, if you want to WOW your visitors with a unique entrance make sure you visit Style My Home's showroom or their website. You will be sure to find pieces that will reflect your style and taste.

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