Our obsession with Hamptons trays!

Our obsession with Hamptons trays!

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Trays are a much loved accessory when it comes to Hamptons styling. At Style my home we are obsessed with trays.... Mirrored trays, rattan trays, mother of pearl trays, bone trays, marble trays, leather trays, wood trays! You name it, we are sourcing it.

After all trays are one of the most versatile items you can buy. They very quickly add texture and enhance the styling of your room. But did you know they are also highly practical and a great way to organise items?

Here are some of the many places and ways you can style trays throughout your home;

Coffee table or ottoman

This is the most popular location that our customers use a tray. Here you can style not just decor but also functional living room items. Some of our most loved coffee/ ottoman tray combinations include a coffee table book, candle, or decorative piece such as coral, jar or sculpture.

They can also store your practical items like remote controls and coasters.

Trays also offer some peace of mind for our linen ottoman customers as it provides a hard surface not just to store decorative items but also to serve snacks and burn candles without the risk of staining fabric.

Dining room

Trays can be a very handy addition to a dining table to hold the table centrepieces like flowers and candles. Generally rectangular dining tables need to be deep to hold a decorative tray permanently. Trays are better suited to round tables. Trays can also be used to hold food when entertaining.

The majority of our customers choose to place a tray permanently on their dining room buffet. Trays in this area can hold floral arrangements, candles, or even more practical items like coasters and wine decanters.

Entry Consoles

Trays are even a great accessory to help make a great first impression. A console table can be styled in a similar way to a coffee table with some decor and personal items like photo frames.


A tray is also an extremely useful accessory on a dressing table.

Alongside the regular items like candles, sculptures of books we love to style these with more personal items such as photo frames or even everyday items like perfume/ lotion or trinket boxes for jewellery.


Organise letters, clocks, letter openers and diaries. We think our leather trays would look fantastic in an office space don't you?


Increasingly our customers are using trays in their kitchen. Trays can be used to store and group practical items such as utensils, salt and pepper, oil or bottle openers

Why not use a tray next to a coffee machine to hold coffee pods, tea bags, sugar and spoons? Or simply brighten a kitchen bench or corner area with some decorative displays.

If buying a tray to use as a serving tray for snacks or breakfast in bed, make sure you choose a large and more sturdy tray like our mother of pearl or bone tray to avoid spills..


Even bathrooms can benefit from a tray. Customers love our smaller trays to hold practical bathroom items like cotton tips/balls, perfume, lotion or soap. Most customers choose the small rectangular size in either a rattan finish or mirrored tray which will brighten up any bathroom. 

Well that goes to show how versatile a simple tray can be!  Whats your favourite? Shop our tray range here.

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