What is Hamptons Style?

What is Hamptons Style?

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Hamptons style continues to grow in popularity all throughout Australia, and with good reason. It is a beautiful and timeless style inspired by the beautiful beach houses in the region of Long Island in the USA, known as The Hamptons. After all, we are lucky to share a similar climate, coastal focus and way of living to this luxurious summer destination choice.

Hamptons living room
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So, what is Hamptons style and how can we take inspiration to bring into our Australian homes?



Hamptons style is a sophisticated elevated take on the much loved Coastal style. Think open plan living, fresh white and light grey panelled walls, timber flooring to add warmth and a splash of blue through furnishing and decor. Beautiful layers of texture with the use of materials like linen and sisal really set the tone to this coastal chic style. With a real focus on inside - outside living, you'll see colours inspired by beachside living reflected in the colour palette of the home. From sandy neutrals and white, to greens and an array of blue hues found in our beautiful beaches.


How does our Australian take differ?

Our Australian adaptation of the Hamptons style shares the love of natural materials, neutral colour palette and indoor - outdoor living. However, in comparison to a more traditional feel, we like to add a more modern, contemporary spin. Think slipcover sofas that you could sink into in comparison to an upholstered roll-arm sofa for instance. 

Slipcover Sofa

So how can you achieve a Hamptons style home?

Colour Palette

A Hamptons-inspired colour palette is fresh, light and neutral as its the perfect backdrop for the beauty of nature to take centre stage. When selecting colours for your Hamptons home, think about the colours in a seascape. Include white, neutral hues, natural timbers, shades of blue and soft greens which encapsulates the essence of the beach. Use pops of green through plants or soft florals to add life and opt for natural materials wherever possible to add textural elements. Pops of black also work well in a Hamptons home to add depth and sophistication. 


Think relaxed indoor outdoor living

We are so lucky here in Australia to be blessed with beautiful weather, so we want to make design choices that maximise this glorious weather. A Hamptons home is light and bright and should blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment. Think lots of doors and windows and alfresco entertaining. It's not just oceanfront properties that enjoy Hamptons style. Use large doors opening onto your deck, pool or garden and where possible aim for adequate cover from the weather elements to enjoy long lunches and entertaining.

Hamptons style outdoor furniture 

Wall Panelling & Timber Flooring

It's in the finer details.. Classic wall panelling, wainscoting, beautiful skirting boards and cornices will add interest, depth and texture even if painted white or light grey! Hamptons homes generally have timber flooring which can vary in colour from light, ash grey to darker brown tones depending on your preference. Laying your timber flooring in a Chevron or Parquetry design is also popular among Hamptons homes.

Hamptons wainscotting

Use Natural Materials

Hamptons style homes are infused with natural materials. Fabric choices like natural linen, washed cotton, marble, rattan, sisal, jute and wool are a great way to add texture and interest into your home.

How to decorate a Hamptons Home

In terms of decorating your Hamptons home, you want to think about using plants or soft florals to add life to your space, textural decor and natural objects like coral. Think of your happy place when making decor and artwork choices. Your happy place is typically a holiday setting whether it be the coast, lakeside, garden or mountainside setting. So if your happy place is the beach, stick to nautical themes and tones.

Hamptons art

Furniture, Fixtures and Fittings and Fixtures

When selecting your furniture, decor or fixtures such as lighting and tapware, always choose classic pieces that will last the test of time. Choose natural materials and timbers where possible such as linen and oak. Once again shades of white, neutrals and blue just like a seascape picture will be your best friend. Stripes and soft florals are also common Hamptons design choices.

 Image Credit @zephyrandstone



If you're building or renovating, many people opt for weatherboard. This is a building material used in many of the grand Hamptons estates and many of our classic Queenslander homes are lucky to have this in common.

Hamptons exterior

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Hampton's style really has captured our hearts here in Australia. When we think of Hamptons we think of a casual coastal style and relaxed indoor outdoor way of life which is ideal to Australia's climate. Whether you want to simply add a touch of Hamptons or completely transform your home, we have the furniture, decor and lighting that will achieve this wonderful design aesthetic.


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