Why cross back chairs and stools are so popular

Why cross back chairs and stools are so popular

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Your dining chair and stools choices are important to your overall homes looks and feel. Plus they are also the vessel for comfortable lunches and dinners, so its critical you make an informed decision. Lets take a look at why the cross back chairs continues to be the favourite design among different style homes.

Cross back chairs and stools continue to be one of the most popular dining room choices not just for a Hamptons style homes.  This week we have another whole container of 'Carter' cross back chairs and stools arriving which reminded us to explore why this simple but surprisingly functional chair is so popular and suits the Hamptons genre so much.

So what is a cross back and where did they originate?

Cross back dining chairs are exactly what they say. The name of the CROSSBACK chair is derived from the crossed back construction, which ensures its stability and comfort. They are a simple but sturdy chair with cross back plywood strips attaching to a solid oak or birch frame. The lower section of the chair is supported by rounded arches which support the overall construct of the chair. There are several seats choices available but we favour a simple woven rattan seat (which is softer than plain wood) or a fabric seat.

Cross back chairs originated in French bistros in the early 1900's. So they have certainly proven themselves that they will never date, after all sometimes the more simple a design is the less there is to dislike..

Although we are a Hamptons inspired storm we want to reiterate that these chairs are used in so many different homes, whether its industrial, modern farmhouse, traditional or Hamptons. 

Why are they so popular?

1) Simple yet classic construct

 As noted above this is a proven design with classic lines this range will never date. They are also not a heavy chair with its open back, which can be beneficial if there are views to consider, or if you want to see the lines of your beautiful new kitchen.

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2) Comfort

Customers are often surprised at how comfortable a cross back chair or stool is. Although it looks smaller and simpler than many other options its surprisingly ergonomic.  The plywood cross braces seem to be placed in just the right place making it not only a suitable choice for dining rooms but also some people choose this for their office chairs. Many of our older customers without young kids often opt for a linen seat, giving a slightly softer seat and also a much loved pop of linen and colour.  The rattan option is more family/ life friendly and is also comfortable with padding being placed below the rattan. 

3) More affordable

Furnishing a dining room can really add up fast, especially when you need quite a few dining chairs. Most dining rooms need 6-8 chairs so choosing a cross back chair can be much easier on the budget A fully upholstered option can usually cost up to double the price of a cross back. If you really want the look of a fully upholstered chair but don't have the budget or need to be practical we recommend using a different head of tables chairs for mum and dad like the Leopold which will give the expensive look of linen without the high cost.

4) Durable options which are great for busy households

Our rattan cross backs are essentially risk free. So you can buy with young kids, holiday houses without the worry of staining linen.

5) Space efficient

A cross back chair is a great option as its comfortable without taking up too much room. This makes it a great choice for smaller spaces. 

What finish choices do I have with the Carter range?

We have 2 different ranges of cross back chairs. One is with a rattan seat and the other is with a 100% linen seat in either oatmeal or duck egg, our 2 best selling linen colours. Available in natural oak or satin white frame.

If you have any questions about our cross back range please call or visit your local Style My Home showroom. We hope to see you soon.

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