Marble, a little touch of luxury!

Marble, a little touch of luxury!

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Whilst decor and accessories should not always have to cost and arm and a leg, sometimes an investment into some hero pieces can really add the wow factor to your home.  This is certainly the case when it comes to the beautiful mineral marble and the treasures that can be carved from it. We are huge fans of using a touch of marble as it instantly adds elegance and sophistication to any home, even if it's a smaller piece. Marble is also a fabulous gift for a loved one as it will certainly stand the test of time and will be handed down through the generations.

Marble has been used for centuries and is known for its sturdiness and natural beauty.  We are so excited to receive our long awaited latest collection of marble decor.  Each piece within this container has been handmade and polished by skilled artisans in India. These artisans live in Jaipur the royal city of Rajasthan which is famous for being an epicentre for handicraft production. The art of marble is honed through generations of family skills and they still to this day are carved and honed using many traditional techniques. . . 

Marble is a natural stone which is formed by recrystallised carbonate minerals and it exhibits its subtle ‘veins’ which make it so special and ornate.  We love that each marble piece posses very tiny differences as each piece possess unique variations which make is so ornate and special. 

We have tried to make these pieces as affordable as possible so everyone can have the opportunity to add some elegance to a space. We encourage you to research our price points versus other retailers.

We are summarised some of our staff favourite pieces below, and tried to demonstrate just a few of the ways it add some natural beauty to various spaces in your home.

  1. A marble bowl.

A marble bowl can be used in so many different ways. They can be used to decorate a bookcase, as a dining table centrepiece,  as a fruit bowl in a kitchen, a bowl for your jewellery or just about anything.   Our bowls come in many shapes and sizes and each is carved out of superior quality marble.  Natural variations in marble make each bowl unique. Be careful to only store dry contents. Marble is a natural material so it can stain. We have a large range so we encourage you to browse. Its so hard to pick a favourite but our staff members all love the Ruffle bowls.

2. Pineapple pots or trinket trays. Who doesn't love a pineapple design. The pineapple pot is great vessel or candle holder. Why not use the pineapple trinket tray to hold your favourite jewellery, soaps or fruit.

3. Lotus Candle holders - Our Lotus candle holders are the perfect little decorative piece whether they are used with candles or not.

4. Marble Clam bowl. Our polyresin clam shells have been a customer hit for a longtime and we know our new marble clam shells will be equally as popular. These can be used for fruits, soaps in bathrooms or jewellery.  This is really the perfect little coastal decorative treasure....

5. Shell bookends- These have been hand carved and we know whoever buys this will cherish these unique bookends forever.  We are all so in love with these unique bookends.

6. Vienna Marble Tray.  This is such a beautiful shape and we are in awe of the work that the artisans did in carving these..

7. A marble knot or chain links- These are the ultimate when it comes to a sophisticated sculpture. Like wow, wow!

8. Marble Pear. This is the perfect little statement piece for a display bookcase or console. Or how stunning would this be in a kitchen?

9. Marble Arch- this sculpture will bring a more modern feel to your space.

10. 'Ada' solid marble side table- the level of craftmanship is astonishing with this piece being carved from a solid block.  This is the ultimate luxurious side table for a lounge or even a bathroom. 

Browse the full collection online here or come and visit your local Style my Home showroom and see why marble  is so special.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

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