What to consider when purchasing a console table

What to consider when purchasing a console table

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At Style My Home, we stock an extensive range of console table designs.  In fact, we consider this area to be one of our key areas of expertise! 

A console table is a versatile piece of furniture. Most known for its use within an entry to a home but can be used in many other areas such as living, dining, studies and even bedrooms. 

Here is our guide on what to consider when choosing a console table


1. Console table sizing

Ideally, a console table should provide the right impression, but not one that dominates the room. Think of it as hint or accent rather than the focal point of the room.

To find the right console table start by looking at the dimensions of space and how the console table will be used.  Start by measuring the width of the console. Most hallways can accommodate a 150cm or 160cm console in their entry. Click to view consoles.

Smaller entries can consider our small options, which come in 90cm to 110cm sizes. It’s not just the width to consider, depth is very important to take into consideration. The width must not interfere with floor traffic. If you have a narrow entry you are best to consider a narrow console with a depth less than 40cm. Click here to view narrow consoles.

Rounded or half-circle console shapes are also a perfect for narrow hallways where you want some extra storage space, but do not want it to take up much in the way of room. Remember that round shaped pieces actually take up less room than square or rectangular they are also easier to walk around.

2. Finish selection

Choose a finish to tie in the existing pieces in your home.  A console table in an entry sets the tone for the rest of the house so ensure you choose carefully here.  The majority of our customers choose our satin white, which is made from birch wood with a satin white gloss finish. The other popular finishes are natural oak and whitewash oak. 

3. Function of a console table

Think about what will be going on the console table: If you are shopping around for one and are not sure if you’ve spotted the right choice, imagine what items you will have on the table itself. This can help you visualise which option might be best for you.

Our Bamboo console can also be used as a desk.  How cute does it look when paired with our cube ottomans!

Consider where the console table is needed and whether you need storage. It  is handy to have storage in an entry console as its a convenient place to store mail, sunglasses, umbrellas, dog leads, keys, wallets or any piece you need to take with you when leaving the home.  In a dining room you can store coasters, placemats or notebooks – or need a convenient place to put down your bag or briefcase when you get home. Storage drawers are also convenient for pens, address books, or anything else you might need to find quickly.

Sometimes a console table will be more decorative than functional. For example in large living spaces some clients choose to use a console at the back of their lounge to stack designer coffee table books or lamps. Storage is not as critical here. The type that you choose will certainly say a lot about your lifestyle and the style of your home. 

4. Style choices for console tables

A console table can be a great piece to fill a spare wall, elongating and adding space in hallways and providing a focal point in living areas. Team it with a hallway mirror or artwork on the wall above to add character and features to otherwise empty space. Consider placing a beautiful chair or stunning pot plant next to your console table. Console tables are a classic item of furniture and therefore come in a range of style and design choices. But to avoid looking old fashioned or out of style, choose a modern design with clean lines and a warming wood finish. Legs are simple and clean cut, without too many frills or features. Simple, elegant style with a practical purpose - and add a matching TV console in your home to really complete the look.


We have a large range of Hamptons console tables that can be viewed online here. Or by visiting one of our beautiful showrooms.

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