Rug Guide: How to choose the right size

Choosing the right rug size for your home can be tricky! Here is a simple guide to help you choose the right rug size and how to easily create a designer look and feel at home.


Living Room

  Hamptons Living roomFarah Distressed Contemporary Rug White Blue Grey

Stylist Tip

When choosing a rug for your living room, choose a rug big enough to allow at least the first front legs of your sofa and armchairs to be positioned nicely on the rug. We recommend going as big as you can when choosing a rug for your living room. 

Typical Sizes Include:
 230cm x 160cm       290cm x 200cm       330cm x 240cm       400cm x 300cm




Dining Room

 Hamptons Dining Room with RugChrome Addison Silver Rug


Stylist Tip

When selecting a rug for your dining room, select a rug big enough for your whole dining setting including your dining chairs. Allow an extra 60cm minimum to each side of your dining setting for the chair easily move in and out from under the table.

Typical Sizes Include:
230cm x 160cm       290cm x 200cm       330cm x 240cm       400cm x 300cm




Hamptons King Size Bedroom Yasmin Distressed Transitional Rug White Blue Grey

Stylist Tip

When choosing a rug for your bedroom, select a rug with enough depth to come under your bed towards your bedside tables and enough width to come past the bed at least 40cm. 

Typical Sizes Include:
 230cm x 160cm       290cm x 200cm       330cm x 240cm       



How To Measure

Now that you know the formula for choosing the right size, grab your tape measure and painters tape and map out the size you need! By using tape to mark where your rug will lay, you will get a great visual and guarantee you have selected the right size for your home!  



New Arrivals We Love

Available in 3 convenient sizes. Perfect for storing linen, cushions, toys, throws and anything else you need to hide away. A beautifully made rattan trunk that will add warmth, texture and storage to any Hamptons home. 
Functional and stylish!


For a touch of luxury consider our Floral Mother of Pearl Tray.
Available in either a rectangular or circular design in an on trend Hamptons blue and white style pattern. As each is hand crafted, each piece unique in its disposition.  

This perfect piece will add functional and decorative element to your living room, dining room or kitchen bench.


The Hamptons white PVC planter box is the perfect piece to make a great first impression at your front door. Get the look of timber with the benefits of no maintenance and durability associated with PVC. This is a durable PVC design which will not warp, rust or deteriorate in an outdoor setting. 

Available in white or grey. Made from UV stabilised PVC and concealed stainless steel fittings, this planter is to easy assemble with a cordless drill.

The perfect outdoor Hamptons accessory!

4 Practical Reasons To Love Our Dining Tables

Purchasing a dining table can be daunting - there is a lot to consider when selecting the right dining table for your home. Of course your dining table should look beautiful but you should also consider the practical features when choosing your table. Here are 4 Practical reasons to love Style My Home dining tables.
#1 Finish
Our dining tables are hardwearing and finished in a durable seal which will stand the test of everyday busy family life which will give you peace of mind with spills.
Our dining tables come highly recommend as our natural oak and classic oak finishes will easily withstand food and drink spills. Simply wipe the table surface at the first sign of any mess. Using tablecloths, placemats and coasters are also easy ways to prevent any surface damage happening to your table.
Along with our finishes being practical, they are also the perfect tone of American oak that compliments many timber and interior colours.

#2 Size 
No matter the size of your home, whether its an apartment or house, we have a dining table size to suit your space.
Our round dining tables style range in sizes from 120cm to 180cm diameter. A round table is often better suited to small spaces and square shaped rooms. While our rectangle tables are better suited to larger spaces, ranging in sizes from 1.8m, 2m to 2.4m in length.

#3 Style
The best feature of our dining tables… they are all designed for Hamptons style homes! The designs of our tables are timeless and will fit seamlessly into homes with a Hamptons, Coastal, Farmhouse and country inspired interior.

#4 Easy Assembly
One of the best things about our tables is they are incredibly easy to assemble.
Our round tables come in two piece, top and base which attach together simply with screws using an allen key or cordless drill. Easy!
Our rectangle tables come in more pieces but are just as easy to assemble. For our rectangle tables you will need to attach the base beam to the two legs then attach the legs to the top of the table.

Five Front Doors We Love

Nothing says 'welcome' like a beautiful front door to your home. These are five front doors we love that will inspire you with your own home!

1. Welcome home! How lovely is it to be greeted with a little personality. This front door is gorgeous in its simplicity with the use of a soft sage green hue and accent brass handles. We would love to know what aesthetic greets us inside!

Photo credit: Studio Mcgee


2. Its in the finer details! This front door boasts pure simplicity in its design. A classic modern look features matt black fittings and fixtures which adds a lovely contrast. By dressing your entrance with plants and florals adds life and softness with its organic shape.

Photo credit: @laineandlayne 

3. Now this is Coastal Hamptons aesthetic at its finest! We are loving the freshness of white exterior against the pop of pale blue. The exterior wall sconces and cross detailing add the Hamptons flair we adore. 

Photo credit: @evermoredesignedhomes

4. What a gorgous, grand entrance! The contrast between the white weatherboard and black framework and door makes a classic and large statement. This monocromatic Hamotons beauty is oh so lovely.

Photo credit: @joannagaines

5. How inviting does this beautiful entrance feel! The pop of teal against the crisp white exterior brings this home to life. Tall potted plants add texture and freshness to the overall look. We have hearts in our eyes!

Photo credit: @brookewagerdesign

Create your own beautiful front entry with our Hamptons PVC Planter Boxes