Purchasing a dining table can be daunting - there is a lot to consider when selecting the right dining table for your home. Of course your dining table should look beautiful but you should also consider the practical features when choosing your table. Here are 4 Practical reasons to love Style My Home dining tables.
#1 Finish
Our dining tables are hardwearing and finished in a durable seal which will stand the test of everyday busy family life which will give you peace of mind with spills.
Our dining tables come highly recommend as our natural oak and classic oak finishes will easily withstand food and drink spills. Simply wipe the table surface at the first sign of any mess. Using tablecloths, placemats and coasters are also easy ways to prevent any surface damage happening to your table.
Along with our finishes being practical, they are also the perfect tone of American oak that compliments many timber and interior colours.

#2 Size 
No matter the size of your home, whether its an apartment or house, we have a dining table size to suit your space.
Our round dining tables style range in sizes from 120cm to 180cm diameter. A round table is often better suited to small spaces and square shaped rooms. While our rectangle tables are better suited to larger spaces, ranging in sizes from 1.8m, 2m to 2.4m in length.

#3 Style
The best feature of our dining tables… they are all designed for Hamptons style homes! The designs of our tables are timeless and will fit seamlessly into homes with a Hamptons, Coastal, Farmhouse and country inspired interior.

#4 Easy Assembly
One of the best things about our tables is they are incredibly easy to assemble.
Our round tables come in two piece, top and base which attach together simply with screws using an allen key or cordless drill. Easy!
Our rectangle tables come in more pieces but are just as easy to assemble. For our rectangle tables you will need to attach the base beam to the two legs then attach the legs to the top of the table.

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