Our Hamptons outdoor classics are now weather resistant!

Our Hamptons outdoor classics are now weather resistant!

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At Style my Home, practicality is always front and centre of our sourcing journey.

"When curating new products, our focus is not just on how beautiful and timeless a piece is, but equally on its durability."

For example, we have worked very hard in the past to ensure that furniture like our dining tables are durable to spills and that our rugs are life friendly.

More recently though we have worked to use modern materials to take the maintenance away from two of the must have Hamptons outdoor items,; the Adirondack chair range and Hamptons Planter boxes.

Anyone who has owned the wooden version of either of these designs knows the downside that they need to be kept undercover and out of the weather to avoid the timber rotting, or paint blistering and peeling.

Our use of modern materials has combated these problems. No more painting your timber and keeping them out of the rain! These beautiful designs can be used and enjoyed in in the full outdoors, where they belong.. And the other good news is the price is way more attractive too.... 

Adirondack chairs

The Adirondack chair is a beautiful outdoor lounge chair with wide armrests, a tall slatted back, and a seat that is higher in the front than the back. Its name references the Adirondack mountains in New York state. 

This chair, particularly in white, has been hugely popular in Hamptons home with its beautiful fresh clean lines and comfortable design. It also comes with a optional matching footrest and side table.

Our Adirondack range is now made from a weather resistant poly timber construct. Poly timber is a durable condensed plastic that looks like wood but has all of the weather properties of a high density plastic. Poly timber Adirondack chairs are widely enjoyed in decks, pool areas or garden without the maintenance worries.

Planter boxes

Nothing says welcome like a planter and pet

A planter and pet equals the warmest welcome!

A Planter box is almost considered a Hamptons home must have to complete the look of a coastal designed home and to create a great first impression. We have now sourced our boxes with a PVC construct so that it can be enjoyed in the full outdoors. In contrast to the timber boxes, these PVC planters require less care and are largely weather resistant.

The PVC planters come in 2 sizes (a square and a rectangle), and 2 colours (a white and dove grey). They are relatively easy to construct.

Our PVC planters coming in a fresh white or dove grey option

 The most popular area to use a planter box is at an entry by the front door. Your guests will appreciate the fresh tongue and groove design and pop of greenery as they arrive at your home. If you are lucky enough to have a wide entrance, why not flank your door with a matching set of square planters. Or just the one planter in an entrance looks amazing too. 

Most of our customers choose to plant tall topiaries, boxed hedges or foliage in their PVC planters (or faux plants). Green foliage is not the only choice though. Flowers can also be a great choice to add some personality and colour to a deck or outdoor area. Or if you are in an apartment of smaller space, why not plant a herb garden in our rectangular box.

Our rectangular planter box

There is no limit where and how these brilliant planters can be used!

What other popular item do your wish was maintenance free? 

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