Rug Care and Cleaning

- Rotate your rug every 3 -6 months to reduce uneven wear and tear
- We recommend using a rug pad to extend the life of your rug, prevent sliding and to protect your floors
- Have your rugs professionally cleaned every three to six years, depending on the level of use

- Lightly vacuum once or twice a week. Use the hard floor attachment and the lightest possible setting
- Avoid powerful vacuums that may pull fibres loose from the base of the rug
- Vacuum the base of your rug occasionally, as dirt can accumulate here as well

- Blot spills with a paper towel or colourless cloth, and do not wipe or scrub
- When spills may cause a stain, you can immediately apply a small amount of mild soap and warm water
- Blot excess liquid with paper towel or colourless cloth, removing as much soap as possible as residue can act as a magnet for dirt
- Make sure you choose a very mild soap free from any bleach or hydrogen peroxide
- In most cases, warm water and a small amount of soap will take care of spills if attended to quickly
- For further cleaning tips, please contact your rug cleaning professional